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The Car Group in partnership with RAC offers for your peace of mind to buy an extended warranty for all vehicles under 8 years or 80,000 miles. Below you can find detailed description of what's included, however for more information and exclusions please see your warranty pack or speak to any of our representatives.

We didn't stop there too. We also took care of vehicles whose age is between 8-14 years or 80,001-120,000 miles. You can take our extended Platinum Warranty. For more information about what's included in Platinum warranty speak to us directly.

Included Parts

All mechanical and electrical parts: We include failures of all listed parts if at the time of the repair request the vehicle is less than 8 years old and / or has covered less than 80,000 miles. All mechanical and electrical parts are included for failure to perform their normal function on the vehicle, together with:

  • Turbo (Factory fitted): All Failures due to carbonisation are covered including the variable
    - Nozzle Turbine (VNT) or Wastegate Actuator or any other part of the Turbo. Foreign object damage is not covered on any turbo claim.
  • Infotainment/ Multimedia Unit (Factory Fitted) up to a maximum of £500 (inclusive of VAT) per repair request.
  • Key Remote Fobs and Key Cards: up to a maximum of £100 (inclusive of VAT) per repair request.
  • Timing belts: Provided there is proof that the manufacturer's replacement recommendations have been complied with and they are free from contamination.
  • Casing: Cylinder block, gearbox, transfer box, differentials and axle if they have been damaged by a failure of one of the included parts.